Status quo and perspectives and implications for the introduction of electric road systems (ERS)

National and EU freight transport strategies

  • Julius Jöhrens
    Project Manager „Roadmap OH-Lkw“
  • Hinrich Helms
  • J. Kräck
  • Julius Rücker
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National and international freight transport in Europe is significantly influenced by both, national and the European Union (EU) strategies and regulations. The successful market launch of Electric Road Systems (ERS) can only succeed with knowledge of the current state of the European freight transport system and its framework conditions. Within the framework of the collERS project, a possible ERS corridor between Sweden and Germany via Denmark is being investigated. The present paper therefore examines the current strategic orientation of freight transport in the affected countries and at EU level with a view to a possible introduction of ERS. The aim is to identify barriers and opportunities for ERS on a national and European level as well as potential fields of governmental action and possible conflicts with regard to a successful international market ramp-up of ERS.

Further information: CollERS: Swedish-German Research Collaboration on Electric Road Systems