A working paper from the CollERS2 project

Expansion Strategies for Electric Road Systems (ERS) in Europe

The market development of alternative powertrains in European road freight transport will only be successful, if a network of alternative energy supply infrastructure is available. Electric road systems (ERS) powering battery electric trucks are one of the discussed alternative propulsion systems. They enable electric driving and dynamic battery charging and thus form a synergetic supply system to be combined with stationary charging of trucks. The ERS technology has been tested in several countries and its potential has been examined in further studies for other European countries. In the central regulation at European level, the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), the technology is mentioned, and important next steps are defined, but no concrete expansion targets are formulated. Against this background and in view of the current market situation with a strong focus on battery- electric trucks, a centrally coordinated ERS expansion plan in Europe is yet not to be expected in the near future. It is therefore all the more interesting to look at national ERS actions and to examine possible expansion strategies that can be derived from national or bi-national activities.