Final Report

Concept and Feasibility Study for a "Climate Neutral" UEFA EURO 2024

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In the wake of Germany's successful qualification to host the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA EURO 20241), the focus on more climate action is addressed by the EURO 2024 sustainability action plan titled "United by Football. In the heart of Europe"  (DFB 2018). The joint ESR (event social responsibility) strategy of UEFA and DFB for UEFA EURO 2024 also addresses the issue of climate neutrality and analysis of the event's carbon footprint (UEFA/DFB 2021). As the overarching goal of this study, practical climate action  measures are developed for the implementation of a EURO 2024 that has as small a carbon footprint as possible. Key priorities include the options for "climate-neutral" staging of the tournament and finding an alternative to the "classic" model of greenhouse gas  offsetting. In addition to the stadiums and the actual tournament, the activities of the ten host cities2 where the matches will be held are also taken into account.