Policy Brief

Circular Economy – Wellbeing within Planetary Boundaries

This Policy Brief summarises Oeko-Institut’s recommendations for policymakers. Developed on the basis of our scientific findings, these recommendations are intended to provide guidance for political representatives in their decision-making for a circular economy.
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Reducing raw material consumption, establishing binding frameworks for a sustainable economy, safeguarding a high level of product quality and enabling a shared positive vision for the future: these are the key tasks to be addressed on the path towards a genuine closed-loop economy. The Oeko-Institut’s new Policy Brief shows how this might look in practice. It offers recommendations for action, but also reveals the challenges: the circular economy needs to become more profitable than the current linear economic model. Climate change mitigation, resource conservation, protection of biodiversity, security of the raw materials supply and human wellbeing can only be achieved with a fundamental transformation of our economic model and consumption.