Study to assess two RoHS exemption requests: #1 Cadmium in colour converting II-VI LEDs (< 10 μg Cd per mm2 of light-emitting area) for use in solid state illumination or display systems (Request for renewal of exemption 39 of Annex III of Directive 2011/65/EU); #2 Cadmium in LCD Quantum Dot Light Control Films and Components - Pack 10

In December 2012, the Commission received a request for the renewal of Annex III exemption 39, and in May 2013, a request for a new Annex III exemption. The exemptions, both dealing with cadmium quantum dot applications, were both evaluated in the course of an evaluation performed in 2013-2014. The final report was published in April 2014.

On 20 May 2015, the European Parliament objected to the Commission Delegated act adopted on the basis of the mentioned report, claiming that the report needs to be updated in light of the changes that had occurred on the market since the publication of the evaluation report. The requests for exemptions were to be re-evaluated according to the RoHS 2 criteria for justification of exemptions, after performing a stakeholder consultation. With the completion of the evaluations, a report was prepared presenting the available information and explaining the rational of the evaluation of each request, as well as providing a recomendation for the EU COM whether to approve the request and under what circumstances.


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