Strategic development and scientific support of the activities and services of the Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption

The present project aims to strengthen the work of the National Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption (KNK) in three different respects and thus contribute to the promotion of sustainable consumption in Germany. Firstly, the aim is to develop a concept for the strategic development of the KNK. Secondly, the KNK is to be given organisational and operational support in its work as a coordinating institution of the National Programme for Sustainable Consumption (NPNK). Thirdly, the work of the KNK is to be supported by technical and scientific expertise. Öko-Institut is working on the following focal points: Together with ConPolicy, it is drafting the concept for the further development of the KNK; it is also providing input to the communication concept. Futhermore, it is developing various concept sketches for suggested key activities of KNK (sustainable housing, climate protection managers as multipliers for sustainable consumption; "Big Points of Sustainable Consumption"). For the concept "Big Points of sustainable consumption" it provides data and materials for the communication of "Big Points" for multipliers.

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End of project: 2022

Project manager

Dr. Corinna Fischer

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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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co2online gGmbH
ConPolicy - Institute for Consumer Policy