Scientific support for the design of an EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework

The research project pursues the following objectives:





a clear typologisation of carbon capture or CO2 removal and storage options;


Summarise and analyse the EU-COM Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles and the legislative proposal for a certification framework in order to identify any need for improvement;


Analysis and assessment of the EU-COM's assumptions on carbon sequestration potentials for natural processes and on prerequisites for certification;


Elaboration of requirements for a transparent, robust and applicable monitoring system as well as methods to avoid double counting, to ensure additionality and to ensure positive contributions to further environmental objectives as a basis for certification;


Discuss the concrete design of the certification framework with a view to the use of certificates, appropriate funding and financing instruments, a suitable mix of instruments to promote carbon sequestration interventions in the long term, including regulatory support, and embedding in the EU target architecture to advance the long-term transformation of land use sector management.


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Project is ongoing

Project manager

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Wolfram Jörß
Senior Researcher / Head of Carbon Accounting subdivision Energy & Climate
Dr. Franziska Wolff

Funded by

German Environment Agency (UBA)

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Ecologic Institut gGmbH