PtX Hub: Business Opportunity Analyzer

The aim of the project is to develop an interactive, Excel-based PtX tool. The PtX tool supports policy makers in potential PtX export countries to understand the potential of RES and PtX and assist in developing policies that facilitate sustainable investments in RES and PtX value chains. Furthermore, the tool provides investors with information which helps them to identify promising regions and business opportunities.

The tool allows for a comparison of production and transport costs for different production and target countries, electricity sources, molecules and transport options. Results are complemented by comprehensive context information, e.g. on sustainability requirements and certification schemes. More detailed country-specific calculations are undertaken for the three deep-dive countries Argentina, Morocco and South Africa.

In a second phase the Excel tool will be transformed into a web app, and cost efficient investments in electricity generation, electrolyser and storage will be determined via numerical optimization.


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