New types of public dialogue processes in plans and projects with environmental assessments – A guideline on recommendations for public authorities and legal integration

The result of this research project was a set of practice oriented guidelines for the authorities responsible for the planning and authorization procedures related to projects relevant for the turnaround in energy policy. It shall enable them to handle appropriately additional participation of citizens that goes beyond in the rules of national law. Being aware that conflict situations will predictably arise between project developers and citizens in the context of projects planned in line with the expansion of renewable energy and where authorities might be involved as well, it is of primary importance to elaborate concrete recommendations. Especially considering the demand for an increased transparency, including public debate and its foregoing planning approving authorities have to be effectively supported by a tool of instruments to decrease conflicts in public dialogue, whenever it comes to predictably conflict-bearing projects or project characteristics and the preceding respective plans. As a result of the research project guidelines have been elaborated for representatives of public administration. The guidelines are designed for five types of projects (biomass, high voltage lines, pumped storage plants, deep geothermal and wind energy). Besides basic recommendations for an effective and efficient public participation which are relevant for all projects, they provide specific guidance for the particularities of particular projects.


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End of project: 2015

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