National implementation of RED II with a focus on the fuel sector

The project consortium provides scientific support to the UBA and the BMU on relevant issues concerning the implementation of RED II into German law and assists in the development of implementation concepts. In this context, both own ideas and concepts as well as positions of various stakeholders are examined with regard to economic and ecological aspects. Another focus is the support of the BMU and the UBA for the German position taking and the implementation of the delegated acts of the Renewable Energy Directive for the definition of GHG emission accounting and green power purchase for green hydrogen and its derivatives. Part of the consultancy takes the form of ad hoc consultancy, which enables UBA and BMU to draw on the expertise of the project team at short notice. In this project, Öko-Institut collaborates with the research institute ifeu GmbH (focus on biofuels) and is responsible for the topics of synthetic e-fuels and hydrogen as well as the integration of electricity demand from electric vehicles into the GHG quota.

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End of project: 2022

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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu)