Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Non-Residential Buildings

The European Directive of Buildings is expected to be revised in 2024. One of its key elements are Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), which can work as follows: all buildings are required to meet a defined energy efficiency (threshold) value at a defined point in time. This induces energetic retrofits. It is likely that MEPS will be implemented for the non-residential buildings stock. Different types of non-residential buildings are not comparable regarding their energy demand and thus cannot be addressed by one uniform threshold value.

The project

• gives an overview about existing MEPS schemes for non-residential buildings and derives lessons learned;


conducts an analysis of the structure of the non-residential building stock and derives threshold values for different usage categories in kWh/m




estimates the impact on energy demand and emissions for different MEPS designs and


gives recommendations how a MEPS scheme for non-residential buildings can be implemented.


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End of project: 2023

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European Climate Foundation (ECF)

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Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH (IWU)