Mapping of the anthropogenic stock V - Strategy development for a national urban mining process

The KartAL V project is preparing the urban mining strategy for political design in close coordination with the Federal Environment Agency. The aim of the research project is to produce a strategy document. This includes the essential contents and objectives of an urban mining strategy. This document will then serve as a draft strategy for the BMUV, which will then be agreed in the political process. A strategy process will be established within KartAL V, which will realise the structure of the thematic strategy, its content-related orientation including vision, motivations, target system, indicators, fields of action and approaches to action as well as the integration of actors. The results of this process, including recommendations, are summarised in the strategy document. The recommendations are intended to enable the Federal Environment Agency to provide strategic capacities for implementation and to ensure the steering capability, evaluation and updating of the strategy. The strategy developed should be able to guide and coordinate the medium-term actions of various actors for successful urban mining. The KartAL V research project ultimately represents the preparation phase of the urban mining strategy. Here, both the content-related preliminary work of UBA and BMUV must be taken into account and the development phase of the strategy must be integrated. The respective elements of ensuring consistency and knowledge-based, communication and participation as well as steering are to be elaborated according to the fields of action.

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