Climate Protection in Maritime Transportation

In the here presented project, a Black Carbon measurement campaign was successfully performed at the University of Rostock. The measurement campaign was carried out from 11th to 22nd July 2016 by University of Rostock, National Research Council Canada (NRC), Helmholtz Centre Munich and AVL, and was supported by Marena Ltd., CE Delft and Öko-Institute.

The BC measurements were carried out with an engine test bed in the lab of University of Rostock on a single cylinder diesel engine with direct injection (1VDS18/15CR), six BC measuring instruments (PAX, LII-1, LII-2, TOA, AVL 415SE and MSS), and three different fuels under different engine loads.

Following the measurement campaign, the results have been analyzed and were published in three submissions to the sub-committee pollution prevention and response (PPR) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO); two submissions to the fourth meeting of PPR in 2017 (PPR4/INF9, PPR4/9/4) und one submission to the fifth meeting of PPR in 2018 (PPR5/INF.10). These submissions were jointly prepared by Canada and Germany with the support of Marena Ltd., NRC Canada, University of Rostock, AVL and the corresponding ministries.

Submission PPR4/INF.9 „Technical details of a multi-instrument Black Carbon measurement campaign“ contains only the technical details, whereas PPR4/9/4 „Results of a multi-instrument Black Carbon measurement campaign“ contains the first results of the measurement campaign. In third

submission PPR 5/INF.10 „New findings of a multi-instrument Black Carbon measurement campaign“ the results of further analysis of the data were presented.


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