IMPACT: Europe-wide Delphi study invites experts from five sectors

The Oeko-Institut and its partners in the Project IMPACT seek voluntary experts to participate in a survey on corporate responsibility.

Under the scope: Corporate responsibility

The project "IMPACT - Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR", which is led by Oeko-Institut is the largest project focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility ever funded by the European Commission. The goal of the project is to investigate the CSR impacts on environmental, quality-of-jobs and economic issues in Europe. The geographical scope of the project are EU-member countries, and we are targeting the most important sectors in Europe: automotive, construction, ICT, retail and textile.

Currently we are conducting research exploring:

  • the impacts of voluntary activities undertaken by companies,
  • the importance of policy instrument motivating companies for responsible business conduct and the role of these instruments in fostering CSR impacts, and
  • future trends in the sector and their potential relation with CSR.

Expert Study: Take part

We would like to invite sector experts from the automotive, construction, ICT, retail, and textile industry to join our survey in the sector covered by your expertise and to become a member of a Europe-wide Delphi expert study.

One of the IMPACT-partners, the Research Institute for Managing Sustainability (RIMAS) at WU Wien, has prepared an online questionnaire for each of the sectors in focus. The questionnaire is in English and requires about 20 minutes to fill in. The questionnaire will be available until 31 July 2012. Your answers will be treated completely confidential.

Below please find the links to the sector specific on-line surveys:





Wearing apparel:

For those who will participate in our study RIMAS prepared very attractive awards:

  1. One weekend in Vienna (incl. flight, hotel and a dinner for two) for two persons,
  2. One brand new Apple iPad and
  3. One evening dinner for two persons in your home city.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact WU Wien in person of Robert Kudlak ( or call them by phone at +43-1-31336-5134.

Contact person for general questions regarding IMPACT from Oeko-Institut

Christoph Brunn
Research fellow Environmental law & Governance division
Oeko-Institut e.V., Office Darmstadt
Phone: +49 6151 8191-128
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