Everything under control? Regulating nanomaterials and other chemicals

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The chemicals we use in our homes and, above all, in industry are much better regulated nowadays than a few decades ago. But is it enough? Are human health and the environment adequately protected against risks? This latest issue of eco@work looks at regulation and governance of nanomaterials and other substances. Featuring researchers from the Oeko-Institut’s Environmental Law and Governance Division and the Sustainable Products and Material Flows Division, our articles shed light on rules and regulations such as the RoHS Directive and explore how effective the EU’s legislation on nanomaterials is in practice. And as always, we also profile an expert from another institution: this time, it’s the turn of Dr Hans-Christian Stolzenberg, Head of the International Chemicals Management Unit at the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

Read the latest issue of eco@work here: "Everything under control? Regulating nanomaterials and other chemicals"