Annual Report 2022 now available

[Translate to English:] Der Grundsatz allen Handelns: Machen!

The Oeko-Institut’s Annual Report 2022 – entitled Make It Happen! – is a timely reminder of the guiding principles for all forms of engagement in all spheres of life: Take action – Just do it! Save energy, reduce emissions and protect nature! They apply in politics, business and in our own lives.

So when it comes to climate action, land-use transition, resource conservation and the mobility transition – what needs to be done? In 2022, the Oeko-Institut once again made significant contributions to facilitating action by policy-makers, businesses and individuals in our society. By showcasing some of last year’s projects, this 2022 Annual Report demonstrates how the Oeko-Institut has mapped and pursued viable pathways towards a sustainable future. In the report, we present the findings of our research in areas as diverse as personal energy transitions, sufficiency and the opportunities that it affords, and living labs in Brandenburg – and show that there is a pathway for everyone to actively shape the transition towards sustainability.

Read the Oeko-Institut’s Annual Report Make It Happen online