2023 Annual Report: Extreme

Facts, knowledge and transparent research

The past year was marked by global challenges: violent conflicts, political extremes, record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events. In these turbulent times, level-headed, fact-based information is crucial. Oeko-Institut has contributed to this by providing sound knowledge, transparent findings and verifiable facts for an objective discourse in politics and society.

In our 2023 Annual Report, you can read how Oeko-Institut has helped to relativise extreme opinions with facts and reduce the volume of extremes with research and expertise. Our scientific research helps to create an objective basis for dialogue – in 2023 and, of course, in the years to come.

In our annual report, we also present selected project highlights from the past year, from a model for the circular economy and sustainable digital technologies to an explanation of why new reactor concepts do not constitute an alternative to renewable energies. We also provide current data on employee numbers and information about projects, our turnover and our Code of Conduct, which we published at the end of 2023.

Read Oeko-Institut’s 2023 annual report "Extreme!" online