2020 annual report published

[Translate to English:] Krisen bewältigen durch wissenschaftliches Know-How

A year of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us some lessons. On the one hand, crises can have serious consequences – for people, for the economy, for society. It is not just the coronavirus crisis that has shown us that – it has been evident for a long time in relation to the climate crisis and other critical environmental situations. On the other hand, there are ways and means of mitigating crises and tackling them together. Scientific knowhow, innovation, and the reform of outdated structures all contribute to this, as do solidarity and commitment.

In times of crisis we often stand at a crossroads. Do we view crises as fateful moments that we can do little about? Or do we use them in order to learn from them and to create a better, more sustainable future for all? Our 2020 annual report explores the subject of crisis and profiles projects that we have worked on in the past year that deal with critical events. Apart from that, you can also read about projects that proactively lay the foundations for greater sustainability.

Read the Oeko-Institut’s annual report “Using knowledge to cope with crisis” online