Energy & Climate

Dr. Ralph Oliver Harthan

Senior Researcher

Special Expertise

  • National and international climate policy
  • Greenhouse gas projections
  • Greenhouse inventories
  • Assessment of climate policies and measures

Key Projects

  • Matthes, F. Chr.; Gores, S.; Graichen, V.; Harthan, R.; Markewitz, P.; Hansen, P.; Kleemann, M.; Krey, V.; Martinsen, D.; Diekmann, J.; Horn, M.; Ziesing, H.-J.; Eichhammer, W.; Doll, C.; Helfrich, N.; Müller, L.; Schade, W.; Schlomann, B.: Policy scenarios for climate change mitigation IV – Scenarios to 2030 for the 2007 projection report
  • Harthan, R; Graichen, J.; Graichen, V., Repenning, J., Wittke, F.; Ziesing, H.-J.: Documentation of the data quality of activity data for the reports on emissions from stationary combustion facilities within the context of the national inventory reporting and the monitoring mechanism required under Directive EC 99/296
  • Harthan, R: Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the public and private sector in Tunisia
  • Matthes, F. Chr./Graichen, V./Harthan, R./Repenning, J.: Effects of different allocation rules upon investments in the electricity market
  • Harthan, R./Fenhann, J.: Strengthening the capacity of ASEAN business to invest under the CDM
  • Matthes, F. Chr./ Schneider, L./ Harthan, R./ Poetzsch, S./ Repenning, J.: Identification of the potential for deploying cogeneration and of the achievable CO2 emissions reduction, including cost appraisal (promoting intensified use of combined heat and power generation)

Professional Training

Language Skills

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


Dr. Ralph O. Harthan