Transcript of the Podcast: “Will transport make the transition?”

The Podcast with Peter Kasten for reading.

Wenden, bitte!“ [All change, please!] The podcast on science and sustainable transitions

Guest in episode 17 is the scientist Peter Kasten from the Oeko-Institut

The transition to climate-friendly transport will only succeed if alternative mobility options are rolled out at the same time as restrictions are imposed on climate-damaging, fossil fuel-powered mobility. In addition to a well-developed public transport system and widely available infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles, for example, taxes on the purchase of a car should be considerably higher if that car generates high greenhouse gas emissions. All this is explained by Peter Kasten, Deputy Head of the Resources & Transport Division at the Oeko-Institut, in the new episode of the “Bitte wenden!” (All change please) podcast.

The transformation of the German transport sector has not progressed far. Last year, it emitted nine million tonnes more CO2 than the target agreed under the Federal Climate Change Act. That is roughly equivalent to the emissions of three to four million motor cars. “To ensure that the transport sector finally makes its much-needed contribution to climate action, these and other measures must be tackled swiftly so that they have sufficient time to take effect”, says Peter Kasten.

Read the full podcast transcript of episode 17 “Will transport make the transition?”

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