Transcript of the Podcast: Sustainability through digitalisation?

The Podcast with Carl-Otto Gensch for reading.
Guest in episode 16 is the scientist Carl-Otto Gensch from the Oeko-Institut

Wenden, bitte!“ [All change, please!] The podcast on science and sustainable transitions

Due to the massive increase in data transmission relating to the use of digital devices and services, energy consumption at data centres has surged in recent years. The volume of transmitted data has increased by a factor of 10 in the last decade. Efficient planning of data centres and good capacity utilisation are therefore key entry points for climate change mitigation through digitalisation, as Carl-Otto Gensch explains in the new episode of the Oeko-Institut’s “All change please!” podcast.

According to Carl-Otto Gensch, who heads the Oeko-Institut’s Sustainable Products & Material Flows Division, more targeted use of the opportunities afforded by digitalisation is essential for effective climate action. However, a major risk is that the rebound effect will come into play – in other words, if devices become ever more efficient and consume less energy, but their performance improves and consumers purchase more devices overall. This drives up total energy and resource demand. He emphasises that new technologies should be designed specifically to achieve sustainability goals.

Read the full podcast transcript of episode 16 “Sustainability through digitalisation”

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