Transcript of the Podcast: Can the Forests still be saved?

The Podcast with Dr Hannes Böttcher for reading.

Wenden, bitte!“ [All change, please!]

The podcast on science and sustainable transitions

Guest in episode 15 is the scientist Dr Hannes Böttcher from the Oeko-Institut

Until now, Germany’s two million forest owners have relied on sales of timber to generate an income. However, this may be about to change: the ecological and climate services provided by the forests should be recompensed – through forest certificates, for example. Policy-makers have a role to play here by devising new funding programmes, says Senior Researcher Dr Hannes Böttcher in the Oeko-Institut’s latest podcast. The reality is that even now, Germany fells far too many trees and consumes more timber than can be produced domestically. And without forests to function as carbon sinks reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, there is no prospect of meeting the climate targets.


Read the full podcast transcript of episode 15 “Can the forests still be saved?”


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