Shaping the Future: Annual Report for 2014


Sustainable systems of energy production and use have been a focus of the Oeko-Institut’s work since its foundation. This gives us all the more reason to celebrate the half-way stage of Germany’s “energy turnaround” (Energiewende): the transformation of energy systems towards sustainability. Our seminal book under that title was published in 1980. Our current scenarios indicate that it can be done by 2050.

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Throughout the past year, as before, this great transformation was one of our scientists’ key topics. Defining ways to reconfigure Germany’s Renewable Energy Act was one of numerous activities in that field.

We developed strategies for many other issues that will define the future: the search for a final nuclear waste repository, more energy-efficient products, resource recovery from wastes, sustainable cities, and so on. Out of our own funds, we launched a major project titled “Germany 2049: Transition to sustainable use of raw materials”. That project will devise a strategy for long-term and sustainable resource management with reference to Germany as an industrial society.

Our Annual Report presents to you these and other outcomes of our research. It is available for download here in pdf format:

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