Thinking and researching in networks: Annual Report 2012


Transdisciplinary science – from the very beginning this has been a fundamental aspect of what “research” means at the Oeko-Institut. The institute’s latest report, hot off the press, expands on the concept and gives examples drawn from our work during 2012.

Oeko-Institut Annual Report 2012 “Thinking and researching in networks” as a PDF file

During the Year of Science for sustainability we have once again been actively involved in public debate around the transition to sustainable energy systems and the prudent use of natural resources. Other issues have included nuclear waste repositories, electromobility and sustainable corporate policy. Our annual report presents some of the projects we have worked on in 2012. In addition, it presents a key approach in our research activities, namely, transdisciplinarity.

Ever since the early days of the Oeko-Institut our work has encompassed different academic disciplines, but this is not all: it has also involved working alongside stakeholders outside the scientific community – in other words, it has been transdisciplinary. Why so? Because we have learned that as scientists and academics we have no “copyright” on knowledge and insight. In fact we see the inclusion of different experiences in the research process as an opportunity: a way of finding new angles on a problem, considering alternative solutions, engaging with constituencies that would otherwise be excluded from the debate. In our view this is how new ways can be found to tackle the big tasks of societal transformation in the future.

You can download the Annual Report 2012 as a pdf file or order it direct from us.

Oeko-Institut Annual Report 2012 “Thinking and researching in networks”

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