Recommended reading on global electricity markets


Under the heading “From niche to mainstream” Dr. Dierk Bauknecht describes the challenges which arise from the development of renewable energies in a new volume entitled “Evolution of Global Electricity Markets”. Together with co-authors Prof. Dr. Gert Brunekreeft and Dr. Roland Meyer of the Jacobs University in Bremen, Dr. Bauknecht – a researcher and expert on electricity markets at Oeko-Institut – explains what approaches to changing the promotion of renewable energies can be considered when examining how to improve the market integration of these technologies and what capacity mechanisms are being discussed.

The collection of essays, edited by Dr. Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, president of the consultancy firm Menlo Energy Economics in San Francisco, features contributions by international researchers on the evolution of global liberalized electricity markets. In the field of tension between rising energy prices, the challenges of climate change and smart infrastructure, the essays analyse the challenges of and new approaches to the power sector. Experts from Canada, Australia, Texas, Brazil, Russia, India, China and the UK report on experiences made with the different markets and put forward possible solutions to issues of regulation, technological restructuring and new market mechanisms for the electricity and other energy markets.

Evolution of Global Electricity Markets. New paradigms, new challenges, new approaches.

Publication date: August 2013. Language: English. Publisher: Academic Press, 880 pages. ISBN: 978-0-12-397891-2. Price: 69.40 Euros.


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