Oeko-Institut’s 2010 Annual Report out now!


The safety of temporary storage sites for nuclear waste, electric mobility, the environmental programme for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011… Ten research projects occupy the centre stage of Oeko-Institut’s new annual report, all of which aim to contribute to making the world a more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and more resource-conserving place year after year. The projects are all examples of the visionary, international and practice-orientated research and consultancy which Oeko-Institut provides.

The report is available for download free of charge as a pdf file here>>

Alongside the ten research projects presented in the annual report, Oeko-Institut has also participated in key current events both nationally and internationally. Providing studies, position papers and consultancy for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, the debate on the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants in Germany, and with regard to the pumped storage hydro power plant planned in Atdorf (Germany), Oeko-Institut has actively helped to shape key future objectives for more sustainable ways of living and a more sustainable economy.

The 2010 annual report can be downloaded in pdf format or you can request a copy from us directly.

You can find Oeko-Institut’s annual report in pdf format here>>

Would you prefer a printed copy of the annual report? We’ll be pleased to send you one. Simply send an email to Romy Klupsch (r.klupsch--at--oeko.de) or order one by calling ++49 (0)761/452 95-22.

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