Environmental programme for environmental festival


Regionally produced food and no long-haul flights – these are only two components of the environmental programme for the Über Lebenskunst (art of living) festival, for which Oeko-Institut has been providing support. In an art initiative starting tomorrow, sustainability will be in the spotlight – both artistically and specifically in terms of how the event is designed. Researchers have advised the event organisers on such topics as waste avoidance, compensation of greenhouse gases, environmentally-friendly procurement, and how participants and visitors can make climate-friendly journeys to the festival. The proposed measures will now be jointly implemented.

Making cultural events environmentally friendly

Major events – whether they are concerts, art exhibitions, or sporting events – sometimes cause substantial environmental impacts. They consume energy and water, cause greenhouse gas emissions based on, for example, the journeys taken there and the mountains of rubbish left behind. The Über Lebenskunst festival, which will be exploring sustainability through mediums of art, wants to limit such impacts. The goal of the project is to implement specific environmental protection measures in the context of the festival and to incorporate in the long term environmental, climate, and resource conservation targets in artistic and cultural programmes when initiating, planning and implementing such events.

Über Lebenskunst – Initiative for culture and sustainability

The Über Lebenskunst festival is an artistic and cultural project which will be taking a creative approach to sustainability and environmental protection. From 17 to 21 August artists will be creatively addressing questions of a sustainable lifestyle. In a multi-event programme – encompassing performance, visual art, music, discourse and literature – they will be exploring models of how we can reshape everyday life so that we do not damage nature or use up resources.

Tours “through” the environmental programme on 20 and 21 August

Researchers at Oeko-Institut will be demonstrating key components of the festival’s environmental programme during tours taking place on Saturday and Sunday. They will also be able to answer any questions which visitors to the festival may have. Information on events and registration can be found on the website for the Über Lebenskunst festival.

Sustainability in the best sense – What happens after the festival?

In a next step it is planned that Oeko-Institut – based on the experiences gathered in the project – will elaborate guidelines for the sustainable management of artistic and cultural events. Online and interactively event organisers shall be able to exchange and compare their own experiences, successful approaches and any difficulties encountered.

You can visit the Über Lebenskunst festival website here (external website)

Contacts at Oeko-Institut

Martin Schmied
Deputy Head of Infrastructure & Enterprises Division
Oeko-Institut e.V., Berlin office
Email: m.schmied--at--oeko.de

Moritz MottschallResearcher in the Infrastructure & Enterprises DivisionOeko-Institut e.V., Berlin officeEmail: m.mottschall@oeko.de