Transdisciplinary research: towards an integrative perspective

  • David P. M. Lam
  • Maria E. Freund
  • Josefa Kny
  • Oskar Marg
  • Dr. Melanie Mbah
    Research Coordinator for Transdisciplinary Studies Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety
  • L. Theiler
  • M. Bergmann
  • Daniel J. Lang
  • Martina Schäfer

Since the emergence of transdisciplinary research, context dependencies, innovative formats and methods, societal effects, and scientific effects are key aspects that have been discussed at length. However, what is still missing is an integrative perspective on these four aspects, and the guidance on how to apply such an integrative perspective in order to realize the full transformative potential of transdisciplinary research. We provide an overview of each aspect and highlight relevant research questions that need to be answered to advance transdisciplinary research.

Published in: GAIA 30/4 (2021): 243 – 249