Socio-economic assessment and feasibility study on sustainable e-waste management in Ghana

  • Siddharth Prakash
    Senior Researcher / Head of Subdivision Circular Economy & Global Value Chains Sustainable Products & Material Flows

The E-waste Africa Project aims at enhancing environmental governance of e-waste and at creating favourable social and economic conditions for partnerships and small businesses in the recycling sector in Africa. In particular the project seeks to better understand and regulate the transboundary movements of used and obsolete e-equipment from Europe to Africa, and also to improve the local e-waste management capacities in many African countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin. Apart from dealing with a better management and control of the legal and illegal trade of used and obsolete equipment from developed to developing countries, the project has a special focus on identifying solutions for sustainable management of domestically generated e-waste too.