Incentive based collection of e-waste – Results from pilot implementation in Ghana

Presentation on the World Resources Forum, 23-24.10.2019

Improvement strategies for e-waste management in countries like Ghana require the buy-in of the informal sector. In that context, an incentive-based approach was developed and tested. It aims at motivating informal collectors and recyclers to refrain from polluting practices such as the open burning of cables. During the 10-month field test in Agbogbloshie, Ghana, informal players could deliver unburned waste cables to a handover center and received a monetary compensated above the local scrap value of embedded materials.

The test was conducted on close co-operation with local organizations and within the framework of the GIZ project “Environmentally sound disposal and recycling of e-waste in Ghana”. This contributing presents main findings and describes lessons-learned regarding acceptance from informal sector players, organizational issues and the potential embedding in future e-waste management strategies. The presentation was held at the World Resources Forum in October 2019 in Geneva.