Tracking and processing the state of the art in science and technology for alternative disposal options for highly radioactive waste (altEr)

As a basis for its recommendation, the German Final Repository Commission presented and evaluated different disposal options and committed itself to deep geological disposal in the Site Selection Act. On behalf of BASE, the project aims to determine the current state of science and technology (S&T) with regard to possible alternatives to deep geological disposal in mines and to continuously monitor and evaluate their further development. Alternative disposal options include deep boreholes, transmutation and long-term interim storage. The research project is intended to summarize and present the current status of S&T on the disposal options.

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End of project: 2023

Project manager

Project staff

Saleem Chaudry
Stephan Kurth
Senior Researcher / Head of Facility Safety subdivision Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety

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Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BASE)