Sustainable consumption - strategies for societal transformation

The dissemination of sustainable consumption patterns beyond niches implies a far-reaching societal transformation. Within the framwork of the project "Sustainable consumption - strategies for a societal transformation", researchers from Oeko-Institut identified six strategic pillars on which the success of such a transformation rests: 1. setting clear priorities. 2. enhancing sufficiency. 3. a systemic policy approach: addressing the various obstacles of sustainable consumption in an integrated way 4. integrating social justice. 5. promoting social and institutional innovation. 6. Involving actors and providing an opportunity for them to interact within a network. For each of the six strategic pillars, policy recommendations and research needs were identified that provided significant support for implementation. The project results were published by Oeko-Institut as Working Paper 8/2017. The results paper was aimed both at political representatives as well as at social actors who are committed to sustainable consumption.

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