Study to update the information on the use of cadmium in quantum dot applications for displays and lighting under Directive 2011/65/EU

With this study, Oeko-Institut e.V. was requested by the European Commission to provide technical and scientific support in a review of cadmium (Cd) quantum dot (QD) applications. Such applications were subject of an assessment of exemptions performed as Pack 15 Task 5 “Assessing three exemption requests for the use of cadmium in quantum dot applications in displays and lighting”, finalised in 2020 and published in January 2021. A decision on the fate of these exemptions was still pending when the study was commissioned, and Oeko-Institut was requested to review the state of scientific and technical progress of Cd QDs in lighting and display applications and the comparative status of possible Cd-free substitutes for such applications, to consider if exemptions for Cd would still be justified under the RoHS 2 regime in the case of these application areas. For this purpose, stakeholders involved in the past assessment were contacted directly, and others were notified of the study in September 2022 and asked to provide information and data for the review. On this basis, the consultants could portray the actual status of development of substitutes and revise previous recommendations related to the exemptions at hand.


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