Study on transport poverty: definition, indicators, determinants and mitigation strategies

The main objective of the project is to design an EU-wide definition framework for transport poverty using innovative data sources and methods. This will serve as a basis for informing and promoting evidence-based policies for preventing and combating transport poverty. Thus, the project will develop important insights for a socially just transport and energy transition.

First, we will develop an understanding of how affordability, availability and accessibility of individual mobility are defined and measured and how this is implemented in the context of transport poverty. Based on this, a proposal for the definition of transport poverty, derived indicators and monitoring procedures will be developed. Finally, recommendations for policy makers to identify, design and implement policy measures to combat transport poverty are given.


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European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

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Fundacja Warszawski Instytut Studiów Ekonomicznych i Europejskich (WiseEuropa)
The University of Manchester
Asociación Ecoserveis
Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD)
Cambridge Econometrics Limited