Shaping ecological change – Implementing and updating the Integrated Environmental Programme 2030

The project aimes to advance the transformation towards sustainability in line with the Integrated Environmental Programme 2030 and support respective activities in the portfolio of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. To this end, findings from transition literature and social science sustainability research are taken into account and further developed.

The project addresses the following issues: success factors of and obstacles to sustainability transformations in selected fields of transformation (food, consumption); the role of actors, emotions, time and communication in sustainability transformations; the potential of strategic foresight for transformative environmental policy, including a plausibility test using the example of the food system transition; different dimensions of a transition of the food system; and a meta-analysis of selected UBA-projects addressing sustainable policies with regard to logics of transformative change.


More information about the project

Status of project

End of project: 2021

Project manager

Dr. Franziska Wolff

Project staff

Prof. Dr. Rainer Grießhammer
Senior Adviser
Dr. Jenny Teufel
Senior Researcher / Head of Subdivision Sustainable Food Systems & Lifestyles Sustainable Products & Material Flows

Funded by

German Environment Agency (UBA)

Project partners

Institute for Innovation and Technology
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
adelphi consult GmbH
Environmental Policy Research Centre - Freie Universität Berlin (FFU)