Scientific consultation and expert support for the “Airport and Region Forum” (FFR) at Frankfurt Airport

In the course of the decision to expand Frankfurt Airport a permanent forum for dialogue „Forum Airport and Region“ (FFR) was also established. This forum allows for dialogue between representatives of the aviation industry, community (or their representatives) and airport operators already during the planning phase of the expansion. In the centre of the debate are the effects such an expansion would have on the Rhine-Main-Region. The goal of the forum is, along with providing a setting for a fair discussion, to ensure that aircraft noise mitigation is taken into consideration during the decision-making process. The Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut) offers comprehensive scientific guidance in the forum, both technical and strategic.


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End of project: 2019

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Daniel Bleher
Peter Küppers
Cara-Sophie Scherf

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Gemeinnützige Umwelthaus GmbH