Resource-efficient motor vehicles for the circular economy: Instruments and measures to reduce the demand for raw materials in the transportation sector using circular economy principles in parallel with an energy transition in transport - AutoRess

Within the framework of the project, technical and non-technical

technical options across all vehicle life cycle phases (resource extraction, vehicle design, vehicle production, use and end-of-life) to reduce the impact of transport on climate protection and resource use will be analysed and concretised, and suitable instruments and measures will be developed and evaluated. The studies, projections and measures are based on the RESCUE scenarios, especially the GreenSupreme scenario, although they are to be adapted and updated to current ramp-up scenarios and political goals.

The overarching approach enables mutual interactions to be identified, conflicts of objectives to be reduced and an optimal set of measures and instruments to be developed.

The high market dynamics as well as the pressure to innovate and the associated uncertainties regarding technical development are taken into account in an appropriate manner.

Modelling for transport will be carried out with a focus on material flows and the associated environmental impacts in order to be able to quantify the influence of assumptions and underlying options in relation to life cycle phases.

In order to achieve the transformation paths, suitable measures and instruments will be developed and evaluated and discussed with stakeholders. The findings will be used to develop a roadmap for an optimised Circular Economy for vehicles in the context of the transformation of transport and the energy transition in transport. The instruments and measures will be related to current national and European/international activities and legislative processes.


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