Preparation of a study for the comparative ecological and economic evaluation of the resource input: use of dry construction elements (AZ 2023/319)

The objective of the study is to determine and compare the resource requirements for three drywall elements. On this basis, SMEs will be provided with a guideline that enables a structured overview of the ecological and economic advantages of the drywall alternatives. The following research questions will be addressed in the study:

  1. What material, energy, water and, if applicable, land consumption is required over the life cycle of the drywall elements?
  2. Which raw materials are used that are critical to supply?
  3. What emissions, expressed in CO2 equivalents, are emitted for each variant?
  4. What are the costs for the variants considered?
  5. How can users be effectively and efficiently supported in the examination of ecological and economic issues in the application of natural gypsum, recycled gypsum or alternative, natural dry construction elements?

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