Mapping of the anthropogenic stock III (KartAL III) – Establishment of a material flow management by integration of recycling chains to increase the qualitative and quantitative recycling of metals and mineral building materials

The project "KartAL III




the Anthropogenic

Material Stock



Establishment of

Material Flow Management with the Integration of Recovery Chains for the Qualitative and

Quantitative Increase of the Recycling of Metals and Mineral Building Materials" intensively

investigates the material flows and recovery paths

of seven non


ferrous metals and alloys and

nine mineral building



The aim of the project is to make a systematic and participatory contribution to further

developing the circular economy into a resource


saving material flow economy. The material

s in

focus were examined regarding recycling to determine which material qualities must be

achieved for them to substitute primary materials. In addition, further potential uses of the

recycled materials were identified. The findings were discussed with al

l involved stakeholders to

identify sensitive value creation stages in which external influences might lead to a lack of high


quality recycling of secondary raw materials. Problems were identified and approaches to

solving them were developed. In addition,

this process was supported by a volume


flow forecast

aiming to identify relevant waste flows whose improvement could have a major impact. This

forecast includes modelling of future developments for the materials under consideration,

considering important

trends such as electromobility. The return flow of materials from the


material stock

back into the economic cycle and the effect of recycling on losses

are illustrated. The project focused on the two material groups "mineral construction and

demolition waste" and "base and special metals".


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Status of project

End of project: 2022

Project manager

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Daniel Bleher

Funded by

German Environment Agency (UBA)

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Institut für Umweltinformatik (IfU)
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg GmbH (ifeu)
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