Greening supply and demand: Advancing Eco-Labels and Sustainable Public Procurement for climate and biodiversity protection (Eco-Advance) - Implementation phase

The project contributes to climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection and resource conservation by promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in five Latin American countries. Type 1 ecolabels and sustainable public procurement (SPP) are used as tools to incentivise relevant actors to change consumption and production patterns. The project supports the Environmental Alliance of the Americas (the Alliance), a regional ecolabel initiative, to strengthen and expand the use of its regional Type-1 ecolabel. By strengthening capacities within target countries, relevant actors can integrate ambitious criteria into ecolabels and SPP processes, targeting products and services with high environmental and procurement relevance. The project also facilitates global knowledge exchange and best practice transfer among regions, supports the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme and collaborates with other key regional and global networks.

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