Further development of climate protection measures in transport

The project focuses on the evaluation of the ecological impact of policy instruments to achieve the goals in the transport sector according to the Climate Protection Act. To this end, politically adopted instruments will be analyzed and evaluated in combination with further developments and with the inclusion of additional instruments to achieve the goals according to the Climate Protection Act. In particular, a detailed analysis will examine different implementation variants or implementation depths. For this purpose, two different scenarios will be calculated using the TEMPS model. In addition to the climate protection effect, economic and social aspects will also be included. Since different instruments and measures can interact with each other, a combination of instruments will be mapped and evaluated in scenarios. In this context, the project is intended as a scientific contribution to the development and further development of instrumentation proposals and evaluations for achieving the climate protection targets of the transport sector in 2030 with a view to a climate-neutral Germany in 2045.


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Ruth Blanck
Dr. Wiebke Zimmer

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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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