Further development and consolidation of the Blue Angel for energy-efficient data centre operation and climate-friendly co-location data centres as well as the management of advisory services

In the research project "Further development of the Blue Angel for data centres", the two ecolabels Blue Angel for data centre operation (DE-UZ-161) and co-location data centres (DE-UZ-214) will be combined into a single, modular ecolabel. The minimum requirements will be adapted to the state of the art and new criteria will be introduced. In order to take best practice examples into account and incorporate suggestions from the field, the revision is taking place in close exchange with operators, planners and customers of data centres. To this end, several workshops on different focal points will be held. In addition to the revision of the eco-labels, the project also administers funding to financially support the consultation of data centre operators by qualified efficiency consultants. The consultancy funding is intended to contribute to a further dissemination of the eco-label.


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Project is ongoing

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Ran Liu
Senior Researcher Sustainable Products & Material Flows

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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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Data Center Excellence GmbH