From urban restructuring to urban transformation strategies

The central task of the project is to use (sustainability) transformation research and concepts for the further development of urban development and restructuring and their government funding. The project is thus about how the current funding structures can be modified in such a way that they contribute to initiating and realising necessary urban transformation processes.

The translation of rather abstract transformation concepts into feasible urban development policy will include the following steps:

  • development of concrete urban “transformation components” based on existing transformation concepts
  • comparison of the identified transformation components with the existing approaches to urban restructuring with regards to their compatibility, capability for strategic action, and sustainability
  • assessment of formal responsibilities and the formulation of the appropriate need for adjustments in the area of urban development and restructuring, in order to better reflect the future necessity of urban transformations.

The goal here is to develop a strategy for transformative urban restructuring which incorporates recommendations for action on federal and state levels.


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End of project: 2020

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Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)

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German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu)