Development of healthy living conditions for health-promoting urban development

The research project examines the question of how thermal and noise protection can be combined in housing construction. The background to this is that urban housing construction is under enormous pressure to act. The transition to sustainability, the transformation of the energy revolution and the fight against and adaptation to climate change are to take place in cities in particular. And the people living there are exposed to a variety of pressures. Coexistence in a limited space can only succeed if sufficient attention is paid to health protection. The focus here is on protecting human health from noise and the question of what potential is seen in the installation or retrofitting of windows. In addition to the literature, the researchers are also analysing the results of a comprehensive survey of residents and expert opinions. The proposals will be presented for discussion in an expert workshop.


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German Environment Agency (UBA)

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ZEUS GmbH, Centre for Applied Psychology, Social and Environmental Research
Möhler + Partner Ingenieure AG