Determination of the quantities of poorly biodegradable organic ingredients in detergents and cleaning products in relation to the quantities of these substances used in other sectors, with regard to the benefit of substance substitution

The project aims at investigating the volume of poorly biodegradable organic ingredients used in detergents and cleaning agents. In this context, a comparison should be drawn relating to the use of these substances in other industries. Furthermore, a statement on the utility of a substitution is to be made. Considering the share of the volumes of PBOs used in detergents and cleaning agents in the overall releases and taking into account the environmental impact, a ranking order is to be established in terms of the benefits of a substitution. In addition, the debate on existing or potential substitution options ought to highlight the aspects of technical feasibility and costs of substitution. Finally, a reference should be made to the REACH regulation. The legal possibilities and the necessary conditions to restrict or ban the use of poorly degradable substances under REACH should thus be described.

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End of project: 2011

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Katja Moch
Senior Researcher Sustainable Products & Material Flows

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German Environment Agency (UBA)