Demand in skilled labour in the socio-ecological transformation. Impact of the socio-ecological transformation on skilled labour in the buildings sector

The socio-ecological transformation has far-reaching effects on employees in many sectors of the economy. Changes in the economic policy framework, for example as a result of the Federal Climate Change Act, or political crises lead to a demand shock, for example in the energy sector, industry or the building sector - in other words, in three sectors that are particularly relevant on the path to climate neutrality. The transmission channel runs - starting from climate protection-related laws, regulations and subsidies - in the course of the socio-ecological transformation to changed value creation, employment and wages in the respective sectors.

The project analyses the socio-economic effects of the transformation on entrepreneurial activity, employment and demand for skilled workers, taking the residential building sector as an example. The demand shocks caused by legal requirements or other climate action measures are quantified. The complex value chain in the heating sector and industry is mapped as a broad section of the national economy, including the various production, craft and service sectors.


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