Definition of efficiency in heating networks (WäNEff)

The aim of the project is to develop a possible definition of efficiency in heating networks. It will be investigated whether the aspects of energy efficiency can be combined with the systemic efficiencies for a joint assessment in a definition. It will be considered which definition of energy efficiency of heating networks would make sense for the different types of heating networks and at the same time would also have a supportive effect from a systemic perspective if this definition were to be adopted in laws and guidelines in the future.

The project takes different perspectives on the efficiency of heating networks. The focus is on energy efficiency, in particular the (technical) energy efficiency potential in the distribution of heat, but also the efficiency of heat generation (fuel utilisation rate). Building on this, the role of heating networks in the future energy system will also be analysed (sector coupling). Other relevant aspects will also be analysed, such as land and material use. In addition, we analyse which incentives or other political instruments are necessary to ensure the energy efficiency of existing and new heating networks in the future.


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