Dashboard for the heat transition – System analysis and visualisation of regional effects

The aim of the project is the participatory development of a web-based dashboard for the heat transition. The dashboard presents the effects of various transformation paths for the heat transition in a user-friendly way. The research project hereby supports the dissemination of technical, regulatory, organisational and (socio-)economic developments in the field of heat transition by making the effects of the development paths visible to relevant stakeholders through the provision of data and analyses. A modelling and visualisation framework is created in close cooperation with stakeholders in the heat transition, which considers the effects on central infrastructures, planning requirements and the socio-economic consequences in a regionally and locally differentiated manner. Different expansion paths of the technologies and different socio-economic and other framework conditions are considered in the scenarios. The dashboard is made available on a web platform with interactive maps and other graphics. In order to facilitate broad use of the results, the scenarios and the dashboard are developed in close cooperation with key stakeholders in the heat transition.


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