Analysis of legal and administrative aspects of road traffic noise

Road traffic noise is a major source of the still high noise pollution of the population. The project addresses the question of how particularly noise-sensitive areas can be better protected from noise. It concentrates on the noise caused by motor vehicles (KFZ), in particular on the loud single events caused by flap exhaust systems and similar modifications. The aim of the study is, on the one hand, to enable a classification of vehicles in order to be able to classify potentially noisy vehicles. Second, it proposes a nationwide regulation that would allow municipalities to designate particularly noise-sensitive areas. These could be the vicinities of hospitals or nursing homes.

The classification of motor vehicles leads to a labeling obligation; a noise sticker (similar to the fine dust sticker) is being considered. In this way, the use of quiet zones can be restricted without the need for case-by-case monitoring of the vehicle or even of the user's behavior. The focus of the planned pair of instruments on loud individual events is also supported by an analysis of noise impact research.


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