Pointing the way for society: Annual Report for 2016

[Translate to English:] Jahresbericht 2016 veröffentlicht

For almost 40 years the Oeko-Institut has endeavoured to point the way for society on climate action and environmental issues. This means encouraging necessary change, even if it may be inconvenient or liable to provoke opposition and argument. Sometimes the Oeko-Institut steps in as a mediator; sometimes it signposts pathways that make sense from an environmental point of view.

Projects that have been pursued on this basis in the past year are described in the Annual Report for 2016, “Pointing the way for society”.

Among them is the self-financed project “The resource transition 2049”, which sets out to identify options for a sustainable policy on raw materials. This is because the adverse impacts of resource extraction on people and the environment are increasing – not only in Germany (for example through gravel mining) but also worldwide (such as in the mining of rare earths and precious metals).

The research projects on “Renewbility” and “Climate-neutral building stock 2050” show how greenhouse gas emissions in the transport and housing sectors could be drastically reduced by the year 2050, thereby making important contributions to the transition to sustainable energy. The Annual Report 2016 “Pointing the way for society” also contains information about other exciting projects as well as the usual facts and figures about the Oeko-Institut itself.

The pdf version of our Annual Report 2016 can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can request a print copy by emailing Romy Klupsch or telephoning 0761 45295-222.